Celebrate Christmas with us...

Dear Friends of Earl Palmer Ministries,
As we come near to Christmas let us remember the promise held in the birth of Jesus Christ. I invite you to join me as I read the words (recorded) found in the 15th movement and choral presentation of the cantata, Hodie, (This Day). The piece with its 16 movements tells the story of Christmas and was the last choral-orchestra composition premiered under the baton of Ralph Vaughn Williams at Worcester Cathedral in September 8, 1954.
Promise fills the sky with light,
Stars and angels dance in flight,
Joy of heaven shall now unbind,
Chains of evil from mankind,
Love and Joy their power shall break,
And for a new born prince's sake;
Never since the world began
Such a light such dark did span.
Ursula Vaughn Williams (wife of composer)
I had the joy of hearing the Hodie performed in its entirety during my days as a seminary student and find it still is one of the most inspirational Christmas presentations I know. It was just right then and is just right now.

God bless you and those in your surround of love,
Earl along with Shirley

Merry Christmas 2020