Dietrich Bonhoeffer:
20th Century Saint

Dietrich Bonhoeffer... a voice to hear from a time when the world was at war. He was a man of great faith and strong convictions and has left an enduring legacy.  He was true to the Gospel. After being away from Germany, he boarded the last ship to leave the United States to be with his country with the words: “If I don’t go back and be with my people during their hour of trial, how can I be with them and share in their restoration?” He spoke out against the wrongness of the Nazi regime that destroyed lives and he paid a heavy price for his opposition to the harm that had been perpetuated – and he lost his life in opposition.  He wrote The Cost of Discipleship and Life Together in his earlier years. However, the most famous publication, Letters and Papers from Prison were what he wrote while imprisoned and saved/collected by his best friend, Eberhard Bethge.