Join with us...

To the Friends of Earl Palmer Ministries

“Rejoice…The Lord is near…in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:4-7

Paul writes these words from a Roman prison to assure the Christians at Philippi that the Lord stands alongside as they go about their daily lives. Paul understands that there are challenges because of his own experiences and he assures the people that “the Lord is near”. Paul encourages them (1) to pray and (2) to let the Lord know what is going on with them, and (3) to ask for what they need. I believe that prayers matter, especially now at this time of threat from the novel virus that has reached the level of a pandemic in our world. I invite you to join with me, and my wife, Shirley (with input that reflects her background in public health) and “let your requests be known to God.”

At this time we bring what is on our “hearts and minds” to the Lord and we “ask”
• for protection of those who are ill, especially the gravely ill and their families;
• for protection of those who are on the front lines bringing compassion and boundless caring;
• for clear minds and endurance for those who are working tirelessly to find treatments to counter the power of this virus and for a vaccine that can halt the risk of infection;
• for availability and delivery of necessary supplies to increase detection of cases and for protection from infection;
• for informed decisions that are based on science to be accepted with regard to prevention and treatment;
• for those in economic need because of the loss of income to be able to find viable ways to financially survive;
• for leadership to plan for economic sustenance and to put in place structures for a pathway to economic recovery with guidelines for lowering the incidence and prevalence of the virus;
• for connectedness in the hours of physical distancing and isolation;
• for the emotional well being of the people in our neighborhoods, cities, states, country and world;
• for creativity and ingenuity to maintain Christian fellowship and extend faithful ministry throughout this time of the “scattered church.”

I believe that the Lord knows who we are and “will guard our hearts and minds.” He watches over us as he hears our prayers. May we all find spiritual rest in knowing that the Lord surrounds us with His presence in the midst of danger at the places where we are!