Salvation By Surprise

In this provocative and informative Bible study, Earl Palmer brings fresh insights into the life and times of the Apostle Paul. Each of the sixteen chapters of Romans is divided into smaller units for thoughtful consideration. Designed for personal and small-group study, Salvation by Surprise enables the reader to look behind the scenes and catch a glimmer of the intent, purpose and excitement of the Book of Romans. Paul is seen as the prosecutor of humanity, offering history’s first genuine, whole view of human existence, The prosecutor then movies across the courtroom and offers a defense, a strong word of hope. And finally, speaking to all Christians who would grow, Paul’s words become pastoral and supportively personal. Drawing upon his rich experience as a pastor, Earl Palmer provided insights into the Book of Romans that are both spiritually warm and practically relevant. This is an enriching study for any student of the bible – lay or clergy. (1975)