Prayer Between Friends

Jan 1, 1991

Prayer is our side of the friendship we experience in our relationship with Almighty God.”
In Prayer Between Friends, Earl Palmer guides you into a deep abiding relationship with God. He digs into the Bible to offer insights into the personality, practices, and purposes of prayer. Drawing up on the examples set by our Lord Jesus Christ, David and Job, among the biblical personalities, the author teaches important lessons, including:
- Establishing our faith on the reality of God’s presence rather than our feelings,
- Clinging to God’s promise in the midst of confusion or suffering,
- Trusting God enough to be honest with him,
- Recognizing the privileges of praying is Jesus’ name,
- Relying on God for daily sustenance,
- Confessing our sins and receiving forgiveness,
- Tackling temptation,
- Praying with other believers