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In 2018, Princeton Theological Seminary honored Earl with the creation of the  "The Earl Palmer Collection. Preserving materials representing over sixty years of ministry in digital format with audio and video recordings of sermons and seminars plus selected writings by Reverend Earl F. Palmer. Earl graduated in 1956 and was recognized as Distinguished Alumnus in 1999. He served as active member on the Board of Trustees at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1972 to 2006, and remains connected as Trustee Emeritus to the present. With gratitude for the generous giving from Friends of Earl Palmer an endowment for a student during the final year of study in the Masters of Divinity degree was established in perpetuity and called  "The Earl Palmer Award for Expositional Preaching at PTS." The first award of $5000 was presented in 2021.

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Searching for a specific Sermon 
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1. FIRST you'll want to use the preexisting filters located on the left hand side of your screen.  Use these filters for searching by date, format, genre, place or pre-existing subject.  

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4. To start over, click the "Clear all filters button" and reenter the Earl Palmer collection page by clicking the picture of Earl, then "Browse the Collection" in the text on the next page.

1. In the second picture, note that there are multiple filters being used to search for a media item from National Presbyterian Church, including the keyword "Matthew".

2. The results are filtered to 24 options.

3. The first result is a manuscript from 2009 titled "The Town Called Bethlehem"
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