Kindlings Muse

In the beautiful Walker-Ames Room at the University of Washington’s Kane Hall, Earl Palmer and Dick Staub discuss the biblical truths that appear in some of their favorite books and works of literature.

About Kindlings Muse

Earl joins award-winning broadcaster and writer Dick Staub for a round-table discussion of ideas at the intersection of faith and culture. Inspired by the regular meetings of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and others, known as “the Inklings,” the Kindlings Muse is an intelligent, imaginative, and hospitable place to rekindle the intellectual and creative legacy of the Christian community.

Each time, Earl chooses a different book that any thoughtful Christian should read and uses this text as a launchpad into discussions ranging from good and evil, to science, to miracles, and beyond.

The show is divided into three segments – first Rev. Palmer explains the ideas the book contains and why they are important, then Dick Staub and him engage in their own conversation, and then the audience has a chance to ask Earl relevant questions. Somehow, he always manages to come up with a dazzling answer on the fly.

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We do not have any upcoming Kindlings Muse events scheduled at this time. Please check back for updates!


After years of interviews the shapers of American Culture – i.e. authors, futurists, theologians, filmmakers, musicians, philosophers, business leaders, educators, politicians, trend watchers, and others – Dick Staub, is one of today’s most experienced and thoughtful observers of belief in today’s culture.

Since the 1960s in San Francisco, where Staub made a personal, life-changing decision to follow Jesus, he has been concerned about the failure of most local churches to embody the life and teachings of Jesus as a loving, transforming presence in culture. He is particularly fascinated with America’s spiritual quest, which curiously today is often unlinked from organized religion. “The Dick Staub Show” first appeared locally in Seattle at King Broadcasting in 1987. In 1991 Staub moved to Chicago where he hosted a nationally syndicated, afternoon drive time, radio talk show. His award-winning signature interviewing honors include the Cardinal’s Award for excellence in broadcasting.

In 1999 Dick and some friends launched The Kindlings Muse, a relational movement seeking to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual, and artistic legacy of Christians in culture. The live events are taped for podcast of “intelligent, imaginative, hospitable explorations of ideas that matter in contemporary life” and originated from Hales Ales Brewery and Pub, now with Earl Palmer Ministries at the University of Washington in Seattle.