Words for us...

Dear Friends of Earl Palmer Ministries,

On April 4, 2010 I was privileged to preach on Easter Sunday at The National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. In listening to that sermon this past week, I believe that the text and the words delivered at that time are meaningful for our Holy Week celebration now, ten years later, as we face this very challenging timer in our lives. I invite you to listen to an exposition of the Biblical text in the New Testament Book of Revelation 22: 8,9 and 16,17 as well the Easter morning narration in John 20:1-18.
May you find encouragement and hope in the message of Good Friday when Jesus Christ died on our behalf on the cross and the event on Easter when Jesus Christ surprised the world in His victory over death. May you feel safe knowing the Jesus Christ of history who holds us together through the love that assures us of His presence in our lives today.